What is my IP address?

An IP address is simply a unique device number on the Internet. Thanks to our website you can easily and quickly check your IP, its location, your operating system and browser.

What is my IP address?

Internet Protocol, commonly known as the IP address, is used for communication between devices and is the identification number of a computer or server on the network. It is written in the form of four numbers (from 0-255) separated by dots, e.g. The first of these numbers informs about the network address, the last about the address of the host, more simply, the computer connected to the network. Simply put, my IP address is a unique number for every computer connected to the network that can be distinguished from a million others. This can be presented graphically as our home address, to which the computer (or other mobile device) orders a pizza. The IP is assigned to the device by the company providing the internet service.

Types of IP Address

Among IP addresses there are variables and constants. The first one - dynamic, receives a computer each time you connect to the Internet. In practice, this means that usually after 24 hours, or the next time you join the network, the host (computer) acquires a new IP address. Static or static addresses do not change, regardless of the circumstances. Another criterion that divides IP addresses is the type of connection being established (two-sided, one-sided). We distinguish private and public addresses here. The private IP address allows you to remain more anonymous and increase security, however, access to certain websites and services on the network may be limited.

What is my IP geolocation?

IP geolocation is the geographical location of our device connected to the network, determined based on the my IP address. However, it does not specify the physical location of the device itself, but relies on address pools to which individual Internet service providers are assigned. Therefore, determining the location is not 100% accurate, especially if it concerns villages or small towns. Hence the surprise that "my location" deviates so much from the real location of the device.

Questions about the IP address

An IP address is a unique number assigned to each device connected to the network.

There are two types of IP addresses - external, i.e. the one under which we are visible on the Internet, and internal, which is visible in the LAN.

In the case of a dynamic IP address, after disconnecting from the network or resetting the computer, a different IP address is assigned, in the case of a permanent address it is always fixed, the same one, assigned only to one computer.

When we connect to the Internet, all activities on the network leave a mark. When we shop online, visit websites, check emails, etc., the server that is responsible for the site must somehow respond to our request. For this he needs the user's IP address. Without IP, any online activity would simply be impossible.

Just like in the real world, traditional letters are sent using established rules - addressing a letter and providing the sender's address, so in the virtual world there are strictly defined procedures. The set of these rules, which are designed to regulate and control the establishment of communication between devices in the network is called the Internet Protocol, colloquially called IP.

All actions taken on the Internet cause the IP address to be disclosed. Otherwise it would be impossible to connect to any site. To maintain greater anonymity, we can choose a variable IP address. Then every time we connect to the IP network will be different.

The easiest way is to use websites created especially for this purpose. All you need to do is enter your chosen address and the current IP address will be displayed on your computer screen.

Each IP address is divided into two parts - part of the network and part of the host.

Having a permanent IP address cannot be changed. If we want it to be variable, we must choose the appropriate offer from the Internet service provider in which dynamic IP will be available.

Geolocation consists in determining the geographical location of an Internet user connected to the network. Thanks to this, users can be divided according to cities, countries or continents.